2011 Festivity Schedule


~Friday, Sept 9~

     5:00pm              Early check in.

5:45pm              Dinner-meet Floating Bear for pontoon crossing to dining hall


     7:00pm              Introduction to Festival-How it all works…..


     7:30pm             Greenland rope gymnastics demo


~Saturday, Sept 10~


              7:30-9:00am      Breakfast


              9:00-9:20am     Stretching for kayaking.


              9:30am               Morning Session

                                                       Coastal Kayaking-Paddling Strokes


              12:00pm            Lunch-paddle to dining hall


              1:00pm              Afternoon Sessions

                                                        Rescues, self and assisted, towing

              3:00pm             Greenland Rolling Demo


              3:30pm              More Sessions!

                                                        Advanced Paddling Strokes

                                                        Bracing/rolling development

                                                        Group rescue techniques                                                        


              5:45pm              Dinner-meet Floating Bear to ride over to dining hall


              8:30pm              Campfire circle-make a Smore or more!


              9:30pm              Floating bear transport for Sauna or stay on the                                         bear for stargazing

~Sunday, Sept 11~


              8:00-8:45am      Breakfast


              9:00-9:30am      Yoga for paddlers

              10:00am            Fun paddle jaunt to Narnia


              1:30pm              Lunch and Conclusion       

Please know the schedule is subject to change, but only for the bettter!